Jamie Hale, MS., is an experimental researcher specializing in behavioral nutrition, cognitive science, high level performance, sports psychology and scientific reasoning. He is a science writer, exercise and nutrition consultant, outdoor enthusiast, lecturer and founder of Knowledge Summit Research Group.

He has conducted primary research in the areas of attention, memory, scientific cognition, sports psychology, teaching science evaluation, caffeine & cognition, perception of canine cuteness and behavioral nutrition.

Jamie has written seven books and co-authored one. He writes about exercise, health, nutrition, psychology, common myths, scientific reasoning, outdoors, various scientific disciplines, and logic.

He has contributed to numerous publications (national and international). He is a member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (recognition of my strength and conditioning work with martial artists), member of Kentucky Academy of Science, and he has held certifications and memberships with United States of America Weightlifting, International Sports Sciences Association, Renegade Training, USA Boxing, International Society of the Psychology of Science & Technology, National Strength and Conditioning Association and Kentucky Council Against Health Fraud.

Jamie was the first person ever awarded the title of Certified Renegade Training Strength, Speed and Conditioning Coach. He is the founder and former president of the Eastern Kentucky University Boxing team. He is a former Sheishin Kai USA kata and kumite champion.

His gym, Total Body Fitness, was featured in 2008 by Men’s Health as one of the Top 30 Gyms In America.

He is the founder of the XDL DIET and a former competitive bodybuilder.

He is involved with the development of Cognitive Behavioral Nutrition- a multidisciplinary approach to eating that involves at the very least, human nutrition science, biochemistry, anthropology, sociology, psychology, neuroscience and consumer sciences. He has consulted with on various levels a wide range of populations: beginners- world class athletes.

He provides freelance writing services, freelance research, personal / group training, boxing and kickboxing fitness, learning/memory consults, and conducts seminars. A full bio and references are available upon request.

For more info contact Jamie at [email protected]