Monthly Archives: December 2015

Low Carb Advantage?

Low carb diet enthusiasts claim their diet is supreme to other methods. They claim their diet offers a metabolic advantage-“metabolic advantages that will allow overweight individuals to eat as many or more calories as they were eating before starting the diet yet still lose pounds and inches” (Atkins, 1992).  In addition, advocates claim overproduction of […]

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Exercise Mythology

Exercise Mythology- any fictitious story, phenomenon or custom associated with exercise Curls will allow me to isolate the biceps The idea that you can isolate a muscle with a particular movement is incorrect. When a limb is moved parts of the body have to be stabilized to allow that movement to occur.  Some muscles begin […]

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Ab Mania

Ab mania (excerpt from Knowledge and Nonsense: the science of nutrition and exercise) Virtually everyone is obsessed with seeing the six pack (which is a matter of having a low body fat percentage, muscular development and low amounts of extracellular fluid). Training the midsection using thousands of reps does little to enhance midsection maximal strength. […]

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