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Fitness Season 2021

Fitness season, for many, spans from early Jan. to early spring. Fitness season, ideally should be All Season. Your efforts should be aimed at reaching your best performance. Your best performance is a performance at or near your potential. In this article I will provide some basic information about fitness (exercise, nutrition and mindset) provide links to useful sources and p [...]

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Larger Variety Contributes To Eating More

The tendency to eat more food when a larger variety is available is termed the variety effect.  The variety effect is relevant to flavor perception, and flavor is a salient, important feature of food. Taste & Flavor Taste is determined by the gustatory system (sensory system of taste) located in the mouth.  Flavor is determined by taste, smell and somatosensation.  [...]

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KC-Performance: Talking With High Performance Coach- Kamil Celoch

The following interview was conducted with Kamil Celoch: High Performance Coach.  In an article you wrote on central fatigue you asserted "Central fatigue, when defined as a decrease in the CNS motor cortex ability to activate muscle to the required level, might not be as much of an issue as we previously thought." Can you briefly expand on this statement? Ahh, the much [...]

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Understanding the Pain Experience: Interview with Lars Avemarie

"Pain is, hence, the entirety of your environmental setting (i.e., a calm or stressed environment; a battleground, hospital, home), the degree of danger signal (nociception), your beliefs, your expectations, and your past experiences, as well as many other factors." Lars Avemarie The interview was conducted with Lars Avemarie: physiotherapist, writer, internationally acclai [...]

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