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Larger Variety Contributes To Eating More

The tendency to eat more food when a larger variety is available is termed the variety effect.  The variety effect is relevant to flavor perception, and flavor is a salient, important feature of food. Taste & Flavor Taste is determined by the gustatory system (sensory system of taste) located in the mouth.  Flavor is determined […]

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Understanding the Pain Experience: Interview with Lars Avemarie

“Pain is, hence, the entirety of your environmental setting (i.e., a calm or stressed environment; a battleground, hospital, home), the degree of danger signal (nociception), your beliefs, your expectations, and your past experiences, as well as many other factors.” Lars Avemarie The interview was conducted with Lars Avemarie: physiotherapist, writer, internationally acclaimed lecturer, teacher, and personal trainer. […]

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Exercise Supports A Healthy Brain

A plethora of research shows exercise may benefit the brain. It is important to recognize different types of exercise in different populations have shown benefits. When considering exercise’s influence on neurobiological mechanisms, type of exercise, interactions and type of measured outcomes should always be considered. For an excellent overview of the influence of exercise on […]

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Creatine For Performance: Talking with Scott Forbes

The following interview was conducted with top notch creatine researcher Dr. Scott Forbes. He is one of the leading creatine researchers in the world. His research involves creatine and sports performance, creatine for general health and creatine’s role in cognition. Search the web (interviews, videos and research) and you will find he has contributed tremendously […]

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Neuroscience Meets Exercise/Sports Science

Recently, while posting training videos on Facebook, I discovered The Society for Neurosports. I am excited about this! From the website “The Neurosports Mission Statement The Society for NeuroSports is the only non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the integration of neuroscience with exercise & sport science…The [Society for] Neurosports is the world’s leader in providing […]

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XDL Diet

The XDL Diet is a short-term, calorie reduction, high protein, moderate fat, low carb diet that includes a scheduled carb spike (Hale, 2005). The diet also provides suggestions for manipulating water, potassium, and sodium intake. The diet is used when rapid weight loss is the objective (e.g. athletes need make weight, photo shoots, beach vacations, […]

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What’s The Best Diet For You??

Diet is an important factor contributing to health. Many eating strategies can lead to positive outcomes. There isn’t A Best Diet that applies to everyone in all situations. Some key points from the research on different diets (Freedman et al.,2001): Obesity-related conditions are often improved with modest weight loss- 5%-10%. Calorie balance over a prolonged […]

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Fitness Matters: Things You Should Know About Fitness

Hatfield (1993) defines fitness as “Your ability to meet the exigenics of your lifestyle with ease- and room to spare for life’s little emergencies. Thus, what constitutes ‘fitness’ for one person isn’t necessarily fitness for another” (p.419). Hatfield goes on the list 15 components of general fitness. Siff (2000) provides the following definition: “physical fitness […]

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